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What's your goal?

Improve fitness?

Fat loss?

Train for an event?

Improve sporting performance?

Increase muscle tone & strength?

It doesn't matter if you are just starting out or if you are looking to perform at your highest level, I deliver a bespoke training plan and highly effective and fun sessions targeted specifically for you and your goals - designed to get the results you want.

No gimmicks, no fads, no complicated diets, just no-nonsense training methods and advice that works.

Call 01264 551551 or email nightingaleshq@gmail.com to find out more about how we can help you.


One-to-one and small group personal training and is available at your home or in the Andover area.  Other areas may be subject to an additional cost to cover travel.

What's involved?

We offer a free 30 minute consultation where we will discuss your previous and current exercise/nutrition and your goals. You can learn how personal training can help you before making a commitment.

During your first one-to-one session, we will carry out a number of assessments to determine your current health and fitness status including postural assessments, strength tests, body fat and body circumference measurements.

During the first session we will also discuss and set your goals. Based on your fitness assessment results and your goals, We will create your individualised training plan.

During your coaching/personal training sessions we will take you safely and progressively through exercises that form part of this plan. We will be there to advise, encourage and motivate you every step of the way as you work towards your target. You will also receive a personalised exercise plan to follow as well as nutrition advice where required.

Re-assessments are carried out at regular intervals to monitor your progress towards your goals.


One person: 12 weekly sessions of 1hr = £300

2-4 people: 12 weekly sessions of 1hr = £240 per person

Call us on 01264 551551 for your FREE consultation